The kids' end of the table at our
installation dinner 2005
(Carter, Robin, Randy, and Tyler)
Andy and Joan Barclay, Dave
(and unknown wench in
Our Major, Colonel, and both 1st
Lts. (L to R)
(There's a good joke in
here somewhere!)
Robert Wilson and Nick
Our installation of
officers 2005
The Davis Blues on the trail to
Robbins house site
ceremony - Robbins' Ride
The start of the Isaac
Davis march
Marching in the
Arlington parade
Kids and music take a
break on the Davis trail
Our camp followers, Jill
and Mary, and guests
from Connecticuit
Bob Foley - just before
the start of the march
Bob Foley and Nick
Peterson after
Two shots of Ed Carell and
Bud Reed at the Hosmer house
on Patriot's Day
Talk about firing from
behind stone walls!!
Robbins house site -
Faulkner house
salute - Robbins' Ride
Defending the low ground
in Newburyport
Our newest member,
Teddy,  before the
Newburyport parade
Rounding the last turn in
The four musketeers
Ed relaxing under
the carnival tent
The three musketeers
Steve and Joseph teaching the
public at the Concord bridge
The colonel and the major
tell Acton's story
Earl in Concord
Acton brownie troop 2029
helping us with the flag
ceremony - Veteran's Day
At the Witch House in
Acton Town Day -
Imagine that...cheerleaders
for patriots!!
The group at the Liberty Tree
House in South Acton
Four shots of the CCC at the North
Bridge in Concord
Patriot's Day 2005