Minute Companies and Other Rev. War sites

Battle Road -Everything that takes place along the original 1775 road from Concord to Boston, including an events calendar and all information pertaining to Patriots’ Day weekend

Minuteman National Historical Park – In Concord, Lincoln, and Lexington

American Revolution Photos – a fine website selling photos from many Rev War sites and events all up and down the Eastern seaboard, including Lexington and Concord

The Lexington Minutemen – Lexington’s Minuteman company and training band website

The Lincoln Minutemen – a fine Minute Company and Fife and Drum Corps

The Menotomy Minutemen – The website of the Menotomy (the original name for the town of Arlington) Minutemen. A fine group of Minutemen

The Charlestown Militia – Gardner’s Regiment – A fine unit that is newer to the reenacting community, but is clearly leading the way in their performance, drill, and overall impression                  

The 5th CT Regiment – Our reenacting friends from the South (well, relative to us anyway). A fantastic unit that is affiliated with the Continental Line, these lads and ladies have joined us at Battle Road and on our annual trailmarch, and we have joined them on various adventures

The Danvers Alarm List Company – a very friendly group of reenactors who also are the owners of the Rebecca Nurse Homestead in Danvers, Mass

The Moses Wheelock Westborough Company of Militia

The Boxborough Minutemen – They march with us every year over the Isaac Davis Trail and we join them in their wonderful Fifer’s Day Festival in June

The Stow Minutemen – A reenactment group activated in 1965 to portray the Militia from Stow, Mass.

The Sturbridge Minutemen – Hosts of the Sturbridge Muster

The Sudbury Minutemen and Militia – a fine group of reenactors whose home base is Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury, who also host the Twelfth Night Ball and Colonial Faire and Muster of Fyfe & Drum

His Majesty’s Fourth Regiment of Foot – New England-based group of British Regulars

His Majesty’s Tenth Regiment of foot – Another vital British unit

The Continental Line – Educational organization of recreated units representing the Continental Army, the Continental Artillery, the Continental Marines, the State Navies, the various colonial militias, and units in the service of the French King during the American Revolution.

Reenactorinfo.org – Full of links to events and sites all over the US