Suppliers, Sutlers and Outfitters

Clothing and general outfitters:

G. Gedney Godwin  – calling themselves “The Sutler of Mount Misery”, they have a fine assortment of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes, as well as an assortment of other accoutrements for the general outfit, for the trail, and for the campsite. High quality goods.

James Townsend & Son, Inc. – a large assortment of goods for starting out in the hobby. Like Gedney, Townsend also has clothing and sundries to complete most outfits.

Sampson Historical – “Emerging yourself in the world of living history doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive or intimidating. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and materials necessary to all who seek answers about life in colonial America. We have devoted countless hours to researching and developing period-accurate pieces to help people all over the world authentically portray the 18th Century.”

M. Brenkle, Hatter (Boston) – hand-crafted hats from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Has been making hats by hand for a decade and a half. Profiles, crown heights, brim widths, and trim details are based on original hats surviving in museum and private collections, as well as period artwork. All hats are formed on cylindrical blocks. Stretching the round crown into an oval (to fit a human head) gives period hats their distinctive look. His hats have been used by reenactors, living history museums, and film companies throughout North America and Europe, including some worn on the USS Constitution. If you are interested in purchasing a hat, send an email for details, options, and pricing.

Dirty Billy’s Hats – If you have the bucks, and want the best, go here. They have shoes and shirts too

Acton Minutemen Member Tailors:

Becky Audette (Ayer) – R Stuart – Clothier

Susan Thomson (Pepperell) –

Muskets and weaponry:

Middlesex Village Trading Company – Peter Plunkett has a varied array of reproductions at very affordable prices, and has been very good to us. A first-class supplier of weapons and accoutrements, and he is relatively local, as compared to others linked here

Jim Chambers Flintlocks, Ltd. – Supplier of musket components and kits that are high in quality, for those with the time, patience, and ability to put your own musket together. They offer a New England fowling piece that would be a fine weapon for an Acton Minuteman to carry

Dixie Gun Works – firearms of all types and sizes and the accessories to go with them

Military Heritage – Wide selection of flintlocks at reasonable prices

Veteran Arms – Source of reproduction firearms and supplies

Loyalist Arms – Lots to choose from here